Coming back…soon

Okay. I’m working on a plan to re-enter the world of blogging. Something different. Kinda cool. Nothing earth shattering or anything. But I feel I’m just about ready. Will be fun…assuming I can pull it off. We shall see.

I also plan to do a blog post explaining why I took such a long leave (June 30, 2010 was when I officially went on sabbatical with only a few slight detours along the way).

7 thoughts on “Coming back…soon

  1. As a fellow producer, who also recently changed big cities, and in doing so, decided to refocus my energy on work that left time for my now two kids and family, I was guided to social media as a way to integrate myself into the local business & production communities and… wait for it… get work.But in the end, I have found great enjoyment, lots of knowledge, and yes, some work, but far less work hours than social media hours in this past year, for me. Personally, I much rather work, to create, to imagine and end up at a place I didn't fully envision when I started through the creative process. I enjoy the journey to create about as much as creating.I admire your stepping back from social media. I wonder what the gift of all that time has enabled you to do and achieve. I know it's not that our integration in social media holds us back, but there are only so many heartbeats in a day. I look forward to days when they are spent dreaming & doing. And I am intrigued by what your thoughts have been over the past few months.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. Social media has its place in
    business, and art, to be sure. But, I like how you put it into perspective.
    There were was one primary reason I stepped back from all my social
    media-ing. Essentially, I was falling for “the woman in the red dress” and
    that needed to change (This arcane reference will be known to anyone who's
    seen my social media presentation, but I'll also explain it later when I
    share my thoughts). I plan to use my blog to be more of a connection to the
    discipline of my art, as well as a source of inspiration (I hope) for

    Stay tuned…

  3. Ron, it sounds like our stories have some similarities. You know I took a long hiatus from Assistant Directing in film & television to re-prioritize and focus on my family. After a few years and a complete perspective shift I have returned to, but only on the right projects. I look forward to hearing your story, my friend.-Joth

  4. Proud of you Ron, family first. You are a great example to guys like me who are trying to balance work & family and not doing the best job at times. You are always an inspiration, can't wait to hear your story, I am sure there will be a lesson for me :)Dan

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