Casting "For the Man Who Hated Christmas"

UPDATE: Giving101 has created an online form for people in the Atlanta area interested in participating in this project. If you’re interested in the main role of Nancy Gavin, still contact me at If you can help out in any other way, fill out this form.

We have the honor of producing the film adaptation of the holiday internet viral story “For the Man Who Hated Christmas,” which was the genesis for The White Envelope Project. (Click here to read the original story here). We’re looking for cast and crew to help out on this worthwhile project. We have to move fast on this as the production needs to be completed by November 30th. Estimated shooting date is the week on November 15.

The two main roles I need to cast are the mom and dad in the story. The main character and narrator of the story is the mom, a 30-something, Caucasian mother of three. The role of her husband is a minor one (just one or two lines). He’s late 30-something male (both parts are apparent in the story). She will be speaking to the camera for the most part. Both roles are medium build.

If you’re interested in either of the main roles, one of the other 20 extra roles, if you’d like to volunteer and help with the production, or if you can donate props, please contact me at

There are also about twenty other extras that are needed, as well as a bunch of props.

Here’s the prop list:

  • Christmas Tree and ornaments
  • Wrapped presents under the tree
  • Couch
  • 80s style TV
  • Rug
  • Bleachers
  • Wrestling mat and gear
  • Tattered clothes for inner city team
  • Department store counter
  • Cash register
  • Bin of toys and clothes
  • Ties – ugly ties
  • Dusting powder
  • Santa outfit
  • Santa’s chair
  • Elf outfit
  • Polaroid camera on tripod
  • White Envelopes
  • Real living rooms to shoot in to do epilogue sequence of other families doing white envelope.

WEP Video Cast List

1. Nancy Gavin
2. Mike Gavin
3. Kevin Gavin
4. Gavin Child #2
5. Gavin child #3
6. Spiffy wrestler
7. Inner city wrestler
8. Store clerk
9. Shopper #1
10. Shopper #2
11. Shopper #3
12. Kid #1
13. Kid #2
14. Kid #3
15. Kid #4
16. Store Santa
17. Santa elf
18. Crying child on Santa’s lap
19. Uncle Harry
20. Grandma
21. Extras – Fans in bleachers (can be the same people playing the shoppers). 10-20 people
should be sufficient

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  1. Just heard about this through Perimeter Christian School, where my kids go to school. Have you already completed casting for the kids parts? Also, may be able to help you with a few props.


    Pam Haupt

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