All the Lady Filmmakers in the House Say YEAH!

So this year at WEVA (which is a big ol’ conference for video peeps that shoot weddings and events), a bunch of da fellas got together to make this cool little ditty where they walk backwards then forwards. It was a great video directed by friend and colleague David Perry. It was a clever adaptation of “The Truth” by Recrear. The only thing: it was absolutely devoid of anyone of the female persuasion. Were there no female event filmmakers around to participate?

If you look at the line-up of speakers at the top video and filmmaking conferences, you’d think there weren’t ANY women filmmakers in this industry. But make no mistake. The ladies are out there and they are ready for you to hear them roar! A few weeks ago, about few dozen of them took a trip to the Bahamas for the first ever POSH Event (my beloved wife was honored to be one of the chosen speakers). While on this trip, they banded together, conceived, and shot what will no doubt be a call to all you female filmmakers out there to stand up, be noticed, and be proud.

I for one would love to hear more of the feminine take on filmmaking at conferences like these. Especially for wedding filmmakers where a woman’s intuition is so valuable. Just consider the fact that weddings are something that many, if not most women dream about from very little. I hope WEVA, In[Focus] and NAB are listening out there. We need more X chromosomes on stage!

What say you?

Shot on location at POSH 2010, “We Create” was directed by Maura Coleman-Murray and Kara Jensen, filmed by Maribeth Ratajczyk and Luiza Perkowska, and edited by Meg Simone. All 42 POSH 2010 attendees collaborated on the piece.

3 thoughts on “All the Lady Filmmakers in the House Say YEAH!

  1. “Were there no female event filmmakers around to participate?” I was there with David & he was trying to get some women, but they all just couldn’t fit it into the day. That was shot in a very short time frame.

    I totally agree with your feelings about women filmmakers.
    My Laura is a perfect example of that. Before she became more involved in all aspects of our business we were quite successful, but after she finally had the time to become an editor that is where Vantage Point’s level rose immeasurably. It’s harder for women with a family to raise to devote the time to seminars & such.That is one reason we don’t have as many as I wish we did. I know that women can relate & bond with a bride much better than a man, like I recently said on a forum “Women make great films….men have the equipment”

    1. Thanks for the clarification about the video Dave. That context does help. And you’re so right about getting the wife’s involvement. I know mine wife’s involvement with our company has had a profound influence on our success. Thanks for sharing.

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