For the Man Who Hated Christmas

There are some stories that hit you so profoundly they inspire you to move mountains and start movements. This is one such story. About a Christmas tradition started by one New England family that has spread worldwide and lead to the creation of, an organization committed to developing the next generation of givers, civic leaders, and philanthropists.

This is the first time this story has been told on film. It was such a pleasure to have had the honor to produce it.

This Christmas, give something different.

Click here to read the original story upon which the film is adapted.

6 thoughts on “For the Man Who Hated Christmas

  1. I was anticipating to see this story put into film. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a true movie. It looks like a commercial with the web site announcement at the end. I have to say, the actress played very well. Sorry, but that how I feel about it… a little bit disappointed.

    1. It seems like you’re disappointed because you thought it was going to be a true story but instead you felt it was a “commercial.” In essence, it’s both. It IS most definitely a true story. (I’ve added a link to it in the post). But, the purpose of the video is also to promote Giving101, which encourages people to give to others. I think as far as commercial motives go, that’s a pretty noble cause.

  2. I know it was a true story. I just was expecting to see it shot as a real movie, you know, on a set, etc. not on white background. That’s all. You know, I was thinking a lot about it and I would wanted to see it less as promo movie but more as a story put into film, with high emotional impact, superb acting, maybe less narrating but more visual. You can tell a lot using visual elements. It has to be done on a set, or on real locations, in a real house. It can be mentioned that it is based on a real story and for more information visit the web site somewhere in subtitles at the end. It would be less as a promo, and more as a movie, which I think, would turn out as a stronger promo at the end. People, would love it and would want to share it with their friends on facebook, etc. People, don’t share commercials a lot. But a nice, touching movie will have a wide spread.

    1. Thanks for your input Oleksandr. On perhaps one day we could make a full blown movie, or even a high production value short film in the 20-30 minute range. But that was never the scope or even intention of this project. It was always intended to be a creative retelling of the story, maintaining as much as the original copy as possible. What you’re talking about is a whole different animal. 🙂 I think there may come a time when it would make sense to do that.

      In the meantime, the response so far has been quite wonderful. I am confident of the films viral appeal. 🙂

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