This is How You Tell a Story

I saw this film this morning and just HAD to blog about it. One of my soap boxes in this mad and crazy world of DSLR filmmaking is the importance of telling an actual story. I see so many beautifully shot, cinematic films out there, but often times they just look like exhibitions of a DSLR’s cinematic prowess (i.e. beautiful DoF shots, time lapses, tilt shifts, etc.) I even wrote a satirical Jeff Foxworthy-inspired blog post about it. I always encourage filmmakers to at least strive to tell as story, even if it’s only a short clip. You’d be surprised what you can come up with if you put your mind to it. We ARE storytellers, DSLRs are just our medium of choice.

Then I saw this little gem on Mitch Aunger’s Planet5D. It’s short, sweet, and actually tells a story. It kinda starts out as one of the typical, atmospheric DSLR exhibition films (“oooh, cool looking forest shot. Let’s get that!”) But in no time it grabs you, hooks you, and literally takes you for a ride with a twist at the end that not only is clever, but has a subconscious (if not intentional) message about stereotyping people.

Now this is how you tell a story. Well done.

December from 328 Stories on Vimeo.

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