Nikon D7000 Video Review for PPA Mag

I’ve started writing articles for PPA Mag on video production. My most recent article is a review of the Nikon D7000 video features. You can read it here. Below is the test video I made during my time in New Orleans. A few things about the video:

  • There was no real plan for this. It was my last night in New Orleans and I decided to grab the camera and just shoot what looks good.
  • The dolly shots are done with the 47″ DP Slider. All other shots are handheld.
  • I wish I had made a point to make more notes about the settings I used when shooting, but frankly, I just didn’t think about it. I wasn’t so much in “review” mode as I was in, “let’s see what it can do” mode. Where I did have the forethought to make an audio note to myself, I include camera and lens settings in the bottom left-hand side of screen.
  • The brass band playing is the amazing To Be Continued (TBC) Brass Band. There’s a DVD about them you can read about and get here.
  • There is no grading. All the footage is as it was shot.
  • Transcoded to ProRes Proxy for editing purposes.


NOTE: I note in the article you cannot change aperture on the fly while in live view mode. You can effectively use lenses with manual exposure rings to adjust aperture on the fly. Many of the event filmmakers I deal with are coming from a traditional camcorder background and their switch to DSLRs involve AF style lenses without manual aperture rings, so that was the audience I had in mind when addressing that issue.

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