A Promo Video is about You, Not Your Gear

Many photographers are under the impression that a promo video has to show them with a camera. Although that will be the case a majority of the time, it isn’t always the case. The most important job of a promo video is to get potential clients to know, trust, and want to learn more about you. Sometimes that involves seeing how you work with a client and a camera. Sometimes, you’ll show something a little different.

This is the teaser trailer for a promo video we shot for Shawn Reeder, a wedding, portrait and landscape photographer who specializes in Yosemite.

Our goal was to make a film that would connect with the kind of people who like to get married on the side of Half Dome. (No kidding. He shot just a wedding this past September). Although we will have some shots of him with a camera and a couple, the overwhelming majority of the piece will be like this teaser.

How can you express your personality and brand without showing your camera? Every photographer has a camera. But there’s only one you. Show us YOU.

2 thoughts on “A Promo Video is about You, Not Your Gear

  1. I think you’re right about not having to use a camera to promo a photographer. It all depends on what the purpose of the video is, too. We’ve shot a few “photographer in action” videos where the purpose is to try to put clients at ease and get them excited about the process of the photography itself. We’ve also done videos with no cameras for giveaways, specials, etc. It’s all about getting the end result that you’re wanting for a certain type of video.

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