The Future is BRIGHT for Small Business Photographers and Filmmakers

**UPDATE: This blog post was part 2 of a 3-part series. Be sure to read part 1 (The Future is Bleak) and Part 3 (The Future is Bright or Bleak). 🙂 **

There is absolutely no better time than NOW to be a small business photographer or filmmaker. The equipment we have at our disposal allows us to create feature films with sub-$1,000 equipment. The democratization of the internet has opened up a world of possibilities to the indie, so much so that even pro filmmakers like Ed Burns are taking their films straight to the net.

If you’re passionate about photography, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on a college education. Some of the best photographers in the world are offering their education for FREE on sites like CreativeLIVE (free  if you watch live, but then only about $129 after that. Imagine, only $129 for 20 hours of instruction! That’s freaking awesome!) Pros like Philip Bloom, Zack Arias, and many, many others (including yours truly) post tons and tons of content for FREE on their blogs with all kinds of education related to your business and your craft. Education is everywhere you look.

Companies like Bella Pictures and TurnHere are taking photo and video to the masses, establishing the mindset that these services must be paid for.  Better yet, their rather bland and basic style and artistry make it very easy for the independent artist to stand out.

We live in a time when a wedding photographer can in just three years be voted a top ten wedding photog in the world and gain over 28,000 Facebook fans. A relatively new commercial photographer in business for about five years can become one of the most sought after in the world and shoot celebrities like Sting in his first year of business. And a bunch of wedding videographers can be hired by the freaking NFL to travel the country shooting documentaries and broadcast spots.

Opportunity is everywhere my friends. Take it.

Tune in tomorrow for more insightful wisdom.


12 thoughts on “The Future is BRIGHT for Small Business Photographers and Filmmakers

  1. I knew you weren’t that kind of negative guy from yesterday…that had me wondering what you were up to. THIS is the kind of post I have to agree with! This is an exciting time!

  2. This is exactly what I mean. It’s such an opportunity for everyone to really get noticed, creative and successful. There are more resources for new comers and veterans that hopefully people will quickly get comfortable with their craft and everyone will push the boundaries to create better and better products.

  3. AMEN to that brother……. strike when the iron is hot and make your way to the top because easy access means more competition….. make a name for yourself and stay on your toes , because if you get caught snoozing the next upn’comer will pass you with ease.

    Get out and create !

  4. Awesome points! Blogs like yours make wonderful inspiration for artists of all types. Infact I sent a local wedding cake artist your posts on retainer fees and contracts. The educational values you teach for free here on the blog are priceless, and of course you are always pointing out other great means of learning on other sites.

    Like Lee said yesterday, “Ron Dawson For President!”

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