The Future is Bright, or Bleak. What’s Your Perspective?

**UPDATE: This blog post was part 3 of a 3-part series. **

I hazard to guess the post I posted a couple of days ago may have ruffled some feathers. Those of you who follow me regularly were either thinking “Someone must have hacked into Ron’s blog!” or you were thinking “Here we go again. He’s up to something!” Those of you who don’t know me from Adam may have been thinking, “Wow. This guy’s depressing! People actually read this thing?” Whatever you thought, ask yourself, “How did I respond to Ron’s first “bleak” blog post?”

By the next day, if you had been following along, I’m sure you started to get where I was going. That leads me to today.

The fact is, both posts are in fact true. They both represent thoughts and feelings that you all are having out there. Conversations that are happening at the proverbial online water coolers like forums, Facebook, and Twitter. Or in person at PVAs, PUGs, SMUGs, or whatever your local association is called. To many of you, the future is bleak. To others, it’s bright. The point is all about your perspective.

I hope by now, if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know my REAL feelings on this topic. The question is…what are yours? Are you a Dory, or a Marlin?

Just for Fun: The Top Five Ways You Could’ve Known I Was Up to Something

I’m so proud of many of my readers. You knew from jump street that I was up to something with that “Future is Bleak” post. Don’t feel bad thought if you didn’t. In any case, here are the top five ways you could have guessed I was up to something.

#5 – Picture of Eor. Eor has come to represent the universal symbol of pessimism. Most people with such a pessimistic view don’t self-identify as being “pessimists.” Ergo, if I really were that bleak, I wouldn’t have used a picture of Eor.

#4 – History of this blog. If you do any kind of search on business topics on this blog, you’ll quickly see the “bleak” topic went against the grain.

#3 – Inspiration category. I have a whole category dedicated to inspiration. That “bleak” post was everything but inspiring.

#2 – No replies to comments. I was uncharacteristically quiet during both days. I didn’t reply to anybody’s comments (on the blog, Twitter, or Facebook). I will always try to engage in the conversation as my time permits.

And the #1 way you could have guess I was up to something… it was a blog post by me. That’s my nature. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Future is Bright, or Bleak. What’s Your Perspective?

  1. Ron, I’m a fairly new reader of your blog but I knew where you were going since the first blog. I believe the future is bright if we use the same creativity that we use in photography or filmmaking to run our business. Is not all about the camera…

    1. Great for you Angel. And thanks for reading. It was very interesting to read people’s reactions. After that first post, I got a few comments from people on Facebook encouraging me not to despair and giving me advice. Man, it took all I had to keep mum! 🙂

  2. Ha, well I guess my dissenting opinion wasn’t really as dissenting as I thought =) I guess you did catch me as a new reader though. All your regulars were on top of the game. Adding your site to my reader, so maybe I won’t sound like such a newb next time!

    1. Hey TJ. No worries my friend. Thanks for adding me. Knowing me, it probably won’t be much longer for you to be “in on” the next crazy blog series I do. 🙂

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