A Crucial Business Lesson for Surviving a Crappy Economy

Chances are if you follow the whole DSLR filmmaker movement, you’ve heard of Tom Lowe, aka “Timescapes.” There are no words that can quite capture the sheer awesomeness, majesty, and grandeur of the timelapse films Tom creates. Every one I’ve seen makes my heart beat faster and makes me want to get up and conquer something. Or, they humble me to my core at the magnificence of God’s creation.

So what does any of this have to do with the title of this post? Stick with me and you’ll soon see.

Tom is arguably the best timelapse filmmaker on the planet. If I needed a freaking awesome timelapse, this is the man I would call. I wouldn’t even consider anyone else (unless I couldn’t afford Tom, which, let’s be honest, would probably be the case. 🙂 )

The lesson for you in this is simple. What are YOU the absolute BEST at? So that when a potential client thinks of that thing, YOU are the person who comes to mind. The more niche, the better. This is how we should be thinking of our businesses. Especially in an economy like this where commodities rapidly lose their value, it’s only the truly unique that will thrive and survive.