Five More Cinematic Tips – A Sequel

Yesterday I gave you five tips for making your videos more cinematic. I thought of five more. Get your notepads ready.

Hiring Joel & Ethan Coen will definitely make your videos more cinematic.

1. Enroll in USC Film School

USC has one of the best cinema programs on the planet. “City of Lakes” director Kevin Shahinian went there, so you KNOW it must be good. It may cost you $30,000+, but in the end, your art is worth it. Bottomline… educate yourself and continue to do so.

2. Hire Aaron Sorkin to Write Your Script

The acclaimed writer/producer of “The West Wing” and as of late, scribe for a little known film called “The Social Network,” is a master of the pen. If you can get him to write your script, you’re golden. Bottomline…have a good (or great) story.

3. Hire Joel & Ethan Coen to Direct

You either love their movies or hate them, but you can’t deny the Coen Brothers are some bad-a$$ filmmakers. Their 1996 midwest crime caper “Fargo” almost beat out “Titanic” for best picture that year. Just a few years ago they took home the best picture Oscar for “No Country for Old Men.” This year their both critically and commercially successful film “True Grit” is in the running for the top Oscar. Bottomline… put serious thought into direction.

4. Hire Janusz Kaminsky to DP

The Academy Award-winning DP for “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan” is master of light and shadow. Anyone Steven Spielberg can trust to that degree is a man you want on your team. Bottomline…pay attention to and learn how to utilize light.

5. Hire Hans Zimmer for Your Score

Yesterday I mentioned using “The Gladiator” soundtrack. Better yet, just hire Zimmer himself. He’s a master. If you want something more contemporary and/or eclectic sounding, you may want to try Danny Elfman (Tim Burton‘s favorite go-to guy) or Trent Reznor even. Bottomline…have music that supports the visuals.

I think it’s safe to say that an overall theme here is recruit the best team you can. Filmmaking is a collaborative art form. And if you can’t afford to pay for these guys, just put it on a credit card.

Who would you hire to work on your film?

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  1. I’d hire you Ron. Your a good writer that appreciates a good satirical spin on stuff. Just the kind of content I would want on a film I would build. Wanna come to WI one day and help me get a team together for the 48 Hour Film Project. We could win with your writing and ideas. 🙂

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