The Power of Art

Today Tasra and I are giving a “TED-esque” style presentation at the Senior Portrait Artists Event about the work we’re doing with Teen Identity, a media company dedicated to raising the self-esteem and confidence of every teen girl, as well as addressing the negative images of women in the media. A key part of the presentation is the power of art. What we do as visual artists has tremendous power.

A single photo can move the world

A short PSA can raise awareness of a terible evil, all the while raising the self-esteem of a teen girl.

A movie can change the way millions of people eat

Your work…your art, can be so much more than just a means to make money. It can save a marriage. It can create a movement. It can do so much more than you probably give it credit for.

Are you using your art just to make a living, or a life?

3 thoughts on “The Power of Art

  1. Another thought provoking statement by Ron. I’m going to have stickes all over my desktop of inspiration from the Dawsons!

    “Are you using your art just to make a living, or a life?”

    1. Thanks for the kind words Meg. Although, I can’t take credit for this one. I don’t know who the original author of the quote is. I think I originally saw it on a Successories poster somewhere. 🙂

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