Crossing the 180 #23: Brandon McCormick and “The Candy Shop”

I’m happy to bring back to the show fellow Atlanta filmmaker Brandon McCormick or Whitestone Motion Pictures. (You can hear my first interview with Brandon on episode #4). Continuing from my theme yesterday of a pathway to purpose, I’ve asked Brandon back to talk about his latest film, “The Candy Shop: A Fairytale About the Sexual Exploitation of Children.” It’s a dark subject that is covered in a unique way. You might see such a topic covered more traditionally in a documentary format. But Brandon doesn’t do documentaries (although he loves them). He tells fictional stories. Today we get to hear the real life amazing story of the three year journey to bring this film to fruition. It was recently one of the four finalists in the Doorpost Film Festival. As always, Brandon’s passion and eloquence is sure to inspire you.

This is more than a film, it’s a movement. Learn more at

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