Crosing the 180 #24: Scott Brignac

This week on the show I’m starting a mini-series on filmmakers who have had success creating personal film projects. In my post from yesterday, I mentioned how projects like these can be both financially and spiritually/personally profitable.  Over the next few weeks I’ll have some of the contestants of Vimeo and Canon’s “Beyond the Still” film contest. First up is Scott Brignac.

Scott was the only filmmaker who actually made it into the final five TWICE during the series run. In this episode Scott talks about how, with no film school or filmmaking experience, he broke into the business and how films like the ones he did for “Beyond the Still” have paid off for his business. He also talks about his current project to create a visual film series to accompany Derek Webb‘s new instrumental album “Feedback.” We also get his answer to my Inception question: at the end, does the top fall or not. Don’t miss it.

Bumper music for this show is “Tater City” by Glenn Shambroom, part of the TRUE ROMANCE collection, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

Help support Scott’s quest to complete his “Feedback” series. (Very cool and film “geeky” behind the scenes footage as well as an inspiring call to action.)


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Here are Scott’s entry’s to “Beyond the Still”



‘The Exchange”