Ira Glass On the Importance of Doing a Lot of Work

Ira Glass is the host of the popular public radio show, “This American Life.” He did an interview about storytelling, and in this segment, he talks about the importance of doing a lot of work. You see, when we start out in this creative business, we have a certain level of taste. We know what’s good and what’s not. And the problem arises when we can see that the quality of work we are able to output is not up to snuff with what we know to be the level we want to achieve. In order to get past that sense and not give up, you have to just pour out a lot of work.

Questions to ponder:

  • How often are you practicing your craft?
  • If you’re a filmmaker, are you making films even when you’re not being hired? (I need to get better at this myself)
  • How close are you to reaching your 10,000 hours required to become an “expert”?

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6 thoughts on “Ira Glass On the Importance of Doing a Lot of Work

  1. I really REALLY appreciate the video. “The work your making will be as good as your ambitions.” hit hard.

  2. Totally understand where he is coming from here. But as creative people, are we every really 100% satisfied with a project? So far, not me. I’m not sure if it will ever happen. You always find room to grow and improve. Alex VanHalen said in a recent interview that he continues to try different things and it may not always sound the best but he continues to grow.

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