Dear Ron (the Muse Responds)

"Kiss of the Muse" by Paul Cezanne
"Kiss of the Muse" by Paul Cezanne

Dear Ron,

Wow. That’s quite a bit you had to write yesterday. On the record, since you are so fond of pointing out paragraphs in contracts, let me point YOU to paragraph 1, section 1, sentence 1: “The Muse (herein “Muse”) will show up when YOU show up” (emphasis mine).

Off the record, let me just say, who the hell do you think helped you write all those missives yesterday?! You quite often have a mis-directed sense of creative energy. If you would spend more time doing work-work and less time writing epistles to me, or drooling over everybody else’s work, you might actually get some REAL work done.

As far as you forgiving me? Spare me your insincere, pretentious, melodramatic dribble and just do what YOU are supposed to do. I got my end handled very well thank you. WTF is right.

Just keeping it real,
The Muse

P.S. You might want to read Pressfield’s “The War of Art” again. Just sayin’.


“Dear Muse. Dear Ron”
Written by Ron Dawson, copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Dear Ron (the Muse Responds)

  1. Nice response. I’ll make sure to stay on your Muse’s good side. Sounds like she has some serious flava going on!

    1. She can be like that at times. She’s a big believer in tough love. I don’t have one of those wimpy, coddling Muses that gives everybody an “A” regardless. If you don’t meet up to the standards she knows you can reach, she really kicks you in the rear. 🙂

  2. I’m loving these conversations Ron! The muse seems to be a little more precise and to the point answering you. Is there a Part III coming? I think you might want to add another character to spice things up. Would love to read it 🙂

    1. Sorry Vitaliy. This is an A and B conversation. But, there may be a follow-up “commentary.” Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if there are more edutainment style posts to come. 😉

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