Top 5 April Fool’s Videos of 2011

Okay, here are my top five April Fool’s videos from 2011.

#5 – Google’s Auto-Completer

#4 – Rebecca Black Teams with Funny or Di over “Friday”

Unless you’ve been on another planet, you’ve at some point seen the heinous music video by this would-be pop star. It’s gotten over 76 million views since February, mostly from people looking to see how bad it is. But, you have to give this young lady major props. When the whole world is making fun of her, instead of crawling into a cave and crying a river of tears, she’s going along with the joke. Comedy site “Funny of Die” collaborated with Rebecca to make a series of spoof videos on her own video (you go gurl!) How many of you would have the gutts to do something like this if millions of people were laughing at you. Remember, she’s only 13!

(click image below to see all of Funny or Die’s videos with Rebecca Black)

#3 – Control Your 5D Mark II with an iPad 2

#2 – Google’s Gmail Motion

Okay. I’m ashamed to admit, that for the first 40 seconds of this, I was tricked. (In my defense, it was really late and I was tired and not in my right mind). 🙂

#1 – Hitler Goes Balistic Over #OneDayWithJeshInstead

Naturally, this is a video only those of you connected to the pro photography world will appreciate. If you’re in the know, this will have your sides aching.

What were some of your favorite April Fools videos (this or any year). Share in the comments.

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