A Podcast with Inspiring Filmmakers from Hollywood to Bollywood

Yesterday I posted the 29th episode of Crossing the 180, the filmmaker’s podcast that breaks all the rules. I originally started the podcast January 2010, but stopped four months into it. So for the better part of a year it laid dormant. I re-energized it a couple of months ago and it’s going strong with a series of guests with a wide variety of skills and experiences. I wanted to take this time to give you a quick run down on the who’s who. I think the podcast is an amazing source of inspiration and education that I’m not sure many of you know about. Even if you’re not specifically into filmmaking, I think you will find the passion and experiences of these visual artists crosses over to almost any creative endeavor.

Breaking the Rules

The “rules” I’m breaking in the podcast are the expectations you may normally have from such a podcast. Normally you expect to hear stuff like “how do you do this, or how did you do that.” Tech talk. And to some extent there is some of that. But it’s really more like a conversation about the individual. I firmly believe that you can get more from an artist if you learn about his/her heart than you can having them tell you which settings they use when shooting with the latest HD DSLR. I like to get up close and personal. You really get to know the person. That makes for a fun and truly inspiring conversation.

How to Listen

There are three ways you can listen:

  1. Listen online
  2. Download the MP3
  3. Subscribe in iTunes

To access all the podcast episodes, just click on the Podcast link under “Categories.” Each episode is about 50 minutes to an hour. Perfect for that long drive, a visit to the gym, or waiting for that long render to complete. Look for new episodes every “Feature Filmmaker Friday.”

The Guest List

Since premiering last year, our guests have included:

Hollywood Pros:

  • Ralph Winter (X-Men producer)
  • Shane Hurlbut (Terminator:Salvation DP)
  • Albert Huges of the Hughes Brothers (co-director of Book of Eli)
  • Rodney Charters (DP of “24”)
  • Yolanda Cochran (head of production for Alcon Entertainment, studio behind “The Blind Side” and “Book of Eli”)
  • Dayna North (co-executive Producer for an ABC television series “Lincoln Heights”)

DSLR Gururs

Indie Filmmakers

Vimeo Starts

  • Blake Whitman (director of community at Vimeo)
  • Scott Brignac (two-time finalist of Vimeo’s “Beyond the Still” contest with Canon)
  • Sean Dunne (maker of the popular docu short “The Archive“)
  • Drea Cooper (co-creator of the “California is a Place” series with over 1.6 million views on Vimeo)
  • Jesse Rosten (creator of the famous iPad+Velcro video, whose videos collectively have over 1.75 million views on Vimeo)
  • Ryan Booth (one of the winners of the “Beyond the Still” contest)
  • Kenny Mosher (a round 1 early favorite in the “Beyond the Still” contest)

Filmmaking Vendors

  • Steve Weiss (30+ year filmmaking veteran and co-owner of gear manufacturer Zacuto)
  • Chris Huntely and Stephen Greenfield (owners of The Write Bros. and creators of the Movie Magic software line)
  • Jonathan Houser (creator of Storyboard Composer)

More amazing guests are “in the can” or are scheduled for interviews. So don’t miss out.

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      But in all seriousness, knowing I have a lot of event filmmaker readers, I would like to expose them to a different breed of artists that aren’t usually seeing.

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