What If You Had One Week to Live?

By no means is this a cinematic masterpiece, but it's a fun look at what one can do when they take life seriously.

It was a day like any other day. Tommy (not his real name) got ready for school, packed his lunch, and headed out the door with his big sister. She dropped him off every morning on her way to school. As she was making a left turn off a main highway onto a smaller street, she didn’t see the jeep. It all happened so fast. Tommy, her little brother, was instantly killed.

It pains me to even write this story. It happened right here in my town about a month or so ago. It kills me to think about what those parents are going through. What that sister is going through. Over a month later, there are still flowers at the crash site.

Just last week the photography industry lost two heroes documenting the fight for liberty in Libya.

We are not guaranteed another day. Another hour. Even another minute. In light of the reality of life, invest 45 seconds to take this poll.

What would you do if you had one more month? One more year? 5 years?

This post isn’t meant to be macabre or depressing. I hope instead it awakens you to the beauty that’s all around you right now that you (and I) take for granted. It’s a sobering reminder that sometimes things need to be put into proper perspective. Not next week. But now.

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