CloudApp – A Simple Way to Quickly Share Files

CloudApp integrates with other applications to make it fast and easy to send files from those apps.

How many times have you wanted to quickly share a file with someone, but didn’t want to necessarily go through the steps to use YouSendit? Or clog up yours (or your recipient’s) email with a large file. Well, for you Mac users out there, you need to take a look at CloudApp. This little utility packs some power in its simplicity. For some of you, it may even be better than Dropbox in some cases. Here’s how it works.

  • Drag and drop a file onto the menu bar icon.
  • Listen for the “ding.”
  • Paste the URL into Twitter, email, etc.
That’s it. The URL for the file is automatically copied to your clipboard. If there’s a screenshot you want to share, check off the “Autouploads Screenshots” feature from the CloudApp menu bar, do the traditional Mac combination of keys to take as screenshot (CMD-SHIFT-4), take your screenshot, then voila, it is automagically uploaded to the cloud. (Caution: the free version of the program only allows 10 uploads a day, so if you take a lot of screenshots, don’t use this feature). Too lazy to drag and drop? No worries. Ctrl-click a file (or right click if your mouse has the option) and select “Upload with CloudApp.” Your last five uploads are instantly accessible from the menu bar, and you can quickly and easily access you other uploads by going to Web app. I’ve been really loving this utility. Here are some ways I’ve been using it:
  • Share large PDFs like invoices or proposals
  • Upload images I want embed on a blog or my Tumblr by using the CloudApp URL for the file (great if you don’t want to use up your allocated space)
  • Sending digital photos to portrait clients who’ve purchased them
  • Quickly create a short URL

Integrates with Other Apps

Lastly, CloudApp integrates with other apps, allowing you to quickly and easily send files or make short URLs. They include Grab, Chrome, Safari, Photoshop, iPhoto, the Finder, and iTunes.

System Requirements and Cost

The basic version is free. With that you get 10 uploads per day, and a 25mb file size limit. The Pro version gets you unlimited uploads/day, a 250mb file size limit, and the ability to create custom domains. The Pro version is either $45/year, $25 for 6 months, or $15 for 3 months. It requires MacOS 10.6.6 or better, and must be installed via Apple’s Mac App Store (which works via iTunes like the regular App Store). Click here to get it.

My CloudApp Dashboard

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