The 48 Hour Film Project is On!

Well it’s here. The moment I’ve been nervously and anxiously anticipating for little over a month. The Atlanta leg of the 48 Hour Film Project. I’ve assembled a “crackerjack” team of filmmakers, many of whom are coming from as far away as Savannah. But we have music composers as far away as IN and Cali too. This is going to be an amazing learning experience. For us… and YOU. You just know I’m going to blog about it. But it won’t be here. If you want to follow along with the cinematic adventures of team Dare Dreamer, you’ll need to follow my Tumblr blog, There we will post some BTS shots, journal entries, maybe even a video clip or two. But, this wouldn’t be Blade Ronner if I didn’t have some juicy blog-love recap afterwards. So stay tuned here. I’m even going to shoot some BTS footage and try to put together a full blown BTS doc. I do have a little bit of experience in this arena. 🙂

Some of the topics I plan to cover

  • Recruiting a team
  • Using our project management system
  • Shooting with a Zeiss cinema lens and a DSLR
  • Directing actors
  • And more.
Don’t touch that dial! (For you youngsters, that’s a reference old TV shows. You see, there once was a time when you had to actually get up off your butt and turn a dial to access one of the other 13 total channels on TV. Sometimes TV shows would go into commercial with the announcer saying, “Don’t touch that dial! We’ll be right back.” i.e. don’t turn the channel. Get it? 🙂

6 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Film Project is On!

    1. Thank you so much Joth for helping me put this team together. Will definitely give you blog love when I write about recruiting the team and the importance of networking. 🙂 You jam.

  1. Good luck this weekend, Ron!! I’ve done the Nashville 48Hour competition a couple of times in different capacities (never directing, tho!) Fun and challenging. I’m anxious to hear your Zeiss experiences.

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