Our 48 Hour Film Project Trailer

This weekend I experienced the most rewarding and challenging filmmaking experience of my career: the Atlanta leg of the 48 Hour Film Project. I and a rag-tag team of fugitive filmmakers had just 48 hours to conceive, write, shoot and edit a high quality short film. Words cannot quite describe what it was like to take up a challenge like this. But I’ll do my best.

There were quite a bit of firsts for me:

  • First time I’ve participated in a 48 hour film competition
  • The first time shooting with Zeiss CP.2 cinema lens (more on this experience in a later post)
  • First time working with a crew this size
  • First time producing and completing a personal film project since starting my company nine years ago

Each team had to pick a genre at random, then were given three elements which had to be incorporated:

  • A book
  • The character Tom (or Tina) Goodwin, a consultant
  • The line of dialog “When will she be here?”

Our genre was sci fi. (Boo-yah!) At first I was nervous about how we’d make a sci fi film in only 48 hours. We didn’t have access to any cool, sci fi props and there were no After Effects gurus on our team to make cool effects. But, in the vein of films like “Never Let Me Go” or George Lucas’s “THX 1138,” we came up with a concept that was simple, yet powerful and poignant. And we were able to work in an important message to boot. (It wouldn’t be a Ron Dawson film otherwise).

Undertaking an experience like this is grueling to say the least. I think I got maybe 5 hours sleep total over the weekend. But I love the film we created. Given the conditions, I think it’s a masterful job, and I owe it to my incredible cast and crew (see below). But I have to give special props and thanks to my beloved wife Tasra who, in addition to co-producing the film with me, was an amazing hostess to our cast and crew, was craft services, and kept me inspired and on track for the weekend.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some valuable filmmaking lessons we took away from this project, including: recruiting cast and crew, collaboration, legal clearances, music, and more. So be sure to stay tuned.


The world wide premiere of our film is this Saturday, June 18, at 9:45 pm. It will be shown at The Plaza Atlanta, 1049 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta, GA 30306. If you’re in the Atlanta area, please come by and bring your friends. Tickets are only $10. We’d love to win the audience prize, so come and vote. Our film will be shown with the 15 other teams in our group (there were over 50 teams all together that participated). Click here to purchase tickets.


We can’t post the film online until after the official screening. But here’s just a taste.

If you can’t see the video in your RSS reader or email, click here.

I can’t thank my cast and crew enough. Remember, stay tuned this week for valuable lessons.

Evelyn – Caroline Avery Granger
Tom Goodwin – Danny Williams
The Boss – Phil Stevens
Voice of Assistant – Clay Patterson
Oracle – Annette Buisman

Produced & Directed by
Ron Dawson

Written by
Ron Dawson
Megan Gruver
Zac Lovelace
Lewis Moats

Tasra Dawson

Director of Photography
Robert Bryce Milburn

Line Producer/AD
Amy Stephenson

Edited by
Ron Dawson
Robert Bryce Milburn

Story Development Team
Ron Dawson
Tasra Dawson
Megan Gruver
Aaron Guiberteau
Zac Lovelace
Lewis Moats
Clay Patterson

Assistant Camera/Gaffer
Jena Jones
Pike Rincon
Phil Stevens

Behind the Scenes
Jena Jones

Art Department/Set Design
Ron Dawson
Tasra Dawson
Megan Gruver
Robert Bryce Milburn
Pike Rincon

Original Score
Ryan Fraley

Set Medic/Driver
John Guiberteau

Script Supervisor
Elizabeth Guiberteau

Angie Guiberteau
Aaron Guiberteau

Set Photographer
Tasra Dawson

Special thanks to
Whitestone Motion Pictures
The Decisive Moment
Joth Riggs
Shari Zellars

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project

15 thoughts on “Our 48 Hour Film Project Trailer

  1. Ron, I will never forget the fun and rewarding experience my family and I had doing this project with you, your family, and an awesome cast and crew, and as a director….You Rock!

    1. Hey Ron WOW this looks like a lot of fun! I participated in the 48 hour film festival in Toronto last year and our film BLACK CADILLACS was actually presented at the CANNES short film corner this year.. I see what you mean by lots of first!! Same for me .. I look forward to seeing it soon. Looked like you had an amazing team 🙂 ML
      BTW how is that script coming along ? 🙂

      1. Wow ML. That’s impressive. I’d love to see it.

        And thanks so much for keeping me accountable. 🙂 I’m not working on a script per se, just trying to finish the first episode of http://MixedInAmerica.tv. But after this 48 hour project, I’m jazzed to get back to doing more personal film projects. I have a couple of ideas I’ve always wanted to do. Stay tuned. (And keep asking. 🙂

  2. hey Ron the film is not release yet ..it’s still touring film festival but here this is a short clip :

    Oh yes mixed in america i just cannot wait to see it This is a fantastic project. The 48 hour film festival gave me a boost too ..I am building my portfolio and also working on some personal projects too.,.. Film making is wild!! I mean i LOVE photography but film making has everything + the DRAMA but i love it!! Will keep it touch to see what is next. ttys ML

  3. Very cool Ron, I look forward to your “lessons learned” posts. We have the 48Hr Film Project in Minneapolis and I have high hopes of participating next year. I see you have Whitestone in your credits, how were they involved?

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