What Question Would You Ask Patrick Moreau, Joe Simon or Kevin Shahinian?

You are sitting in the room with three of the most celebrated and talented event filmmakers on the planet. DSLR masters of light and sound. Cinematic auteurs through and through. You are given the microphone and have just one question to ask one or all of them. What would that question be? Would you waste your one question on something as pedantic as “What lens did you use for that video you did? You know, the one that everybody saw?” Or would you dig deeper? Would you open your eyes and realize you have an opportunity to gain a level of wisdom and knowledge about your craft that you may never have again?

Tomorrow I am recording a special Crossing the 180 interview with three such people: Patrick Moreau of Still Motion, Joe Simon, and Kevin Shahinian. The DSLR Three Amigos. Patrick and Kevin are returning guests to the show. Joe is the new kid on the block. But this is the first time I’ve had three guests at once. Chances are good this will be a 2-parter. This is your opportunity to ask that one question. Don’t waste it. You can rest assured I won’t be wasting mine. 😉

Fill out this simple form and tell me your question. I’ll choose the best ones to ask. The special episode will air Saturday, July 30. As of now this episode will not be on the website. You must subscribe to the iTunes feed to get it. Trust me on this one. You won’t want to miss it.

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These three amigos are holding an event cinema workshop this October. Learn from three masters. Register and get workshop into at EventCinemaWorkshop.com. The workshop is supported by Cinevate, Zacuto, LensProToGo and Kessler Crane.

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