Free Live Seminar This Tuesday with In[Focus]

This coming Tuesday, September 20, I will be presenting during the In[Focus] LiveStream teaching event. Every week leading up to their conference in January they are having some of the top event and corporate filmmakers in the industry give insight into their business. Somehow I was invited to participate. I’m thinking it must be a mistake. 🙂 But the damage is done. It’s been announced to the world. So they’re stuck with me.

My topic will be (drum roll please)…..

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Making the Transition from Event Video Work to Commercial Work

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about my talk

  1. I will definitely have more than just five things on my list
  2. I will be giving a way a free hour of business coaching to one person
  3. Everyone who logs on will get free documents I use in my business (e.g. contract and proposal documents)
  4. There will be at least one bad joke told by me during the teaching
  5. You will go away inspired
The event is totally free. You don’t need to be an In[Focus] member. You don’t need to donate blood. You don’t need to promise your first born. All you need to do is point your browser to at 4 pm EST this Tuesday and watch and listen. I hope to see you there. (Er, I mean, I hope you’ll see ME there. I won’t be able to see you.)

5 thoughts on “Free Live Seminar This Tuesday with In[Focus]

  1. Sounds great Ron, I will be there, but you & all of your followers must tune into our turn on November 1. The discussion will cover all the bases, but mainly how to stay relevant in the long term. See you on Tuesday, comb your hair & wear that shirt I like. :

  2. Ron, sounds great. I will be on a flight to Toronto at exactly that time. Will you be doing a podcast later or will there be a place to hear it and then catch up with you later? I would really like to learn more from you on this topic.

    Clint Regehr

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