Are You Happy in Your Current “Job”?

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I have a dear friend who I’m pretty sure makes a lot of money. This friend is a high ranking official in a high profile company and this friend gets to work on some amazing products. By all accounts, 99% of the world would love to have my friend’s job. But from the day I’ve known my friend, my friend has always talked about wanting to work in a camp and help kids. And frequently when I talk to my friend, my friend seems like she/he is not 100% satisfied. Like something is missing. I have encouraged him/her for years to just go do it. I’m sure he/she could afford a sabbatical.

Some of you out there may be like my friend. You are longing for something deeper in your life, doing something that moves you, but for whatever reason, you’re not taking the leap of faith.

Or, maybe you have taken that leap and started that business you’ve always wanted, but somehow what started as a hobby you loved turned into a business that inspired you but then evolved into a job that you hate. You long for something more.

This post is just an encouragement for you to go after that something more. You’ll know when that time is right. Chances are, the time was right years ago. So what are you waiting for? The life of a creative is a high calling. You have the power to change the world with your art. So change it.

I Am Thankful

I thank God every day for the struggles I have to make my dreams live.

I thank Him for the uncertainty of life and the fear of failure.

I thank Him for the lost jobs for they were not meant for me in the first place.

I thank Him for the 1,000 mistakes I’ve made because each one was a lesson.

I thank Him for the as yet unfulfilled dreams.

I am thankful for all these things because they are rooted in a desire, a quest, to pursue a higher calling.

I am thankful because they keep me grounded and connected to Him, without whom I’d be dead.

And I am thankful because I know that what I am doing is right.

For what good is all the riches in the world,

All the praise and esteem of my fellow man,

What use is all the power of a king,

if I have no joy

no love

and no purpose.

I am truly thankful.

~ Ron Dawson © 2011. Feel free to copy, paste and share as long as you don’t change it and give attribution.
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9 thoughts on “Are You Happy in Your Current “Job”?

  1. I changed jobs only 2 months ago. I’m still in my new job. My sister said “Changing jobs won’t change things, you need to change INside, for real change.” Well, changing jobs was the best thing I did. The morale of the new place, and they treat you well, and it’s a close to home location and I enjoy the work. Change can be very worthwhile.

    1. Your job definitely has a huge impact on your life. There’s no denying it. My wife knows first hand what that’s like. Congrats on find a better job. But I think I understand what your wife is getting at. You can’t rely solely on external factors for true happiness. Your outlook and perspective on life will have a huge impact. I think this is a case where you both were right. 🙂

  2. Hey Ron! Thanks for getting me all choked up on a Monday when there’s lots of work to be done!
    Joking aside, The spiritual shift in perception on a stressful Monday morning is greatly appreciated. I often lament and worry over some of the things that you have giving thanks for in this post. Ones perception and reaction to life’s challenges is so very important. Thanks for reminding me that the glass is half full.

    “No time for sad lament, a wasted life is bitter spent.” – R. Ashcroft, The Verve

    1. Hi Jason. Glad it moved you. I also worry and lament over some of the stuff I’ve given thanks for in this poem. In truth, that is one of the reasons I wrote it. To serve as a reminder to ME. 🙂

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