Do You Wanna Be a Filmmaker? Then Make Films!

“Anything you have at the time if you want to be a filmmaker is good enough for you at that time.” ~ Ryan Connolly, Film Riot

Yesterday I took stage on one of my many sarcasm soap boxes to wax philosophic about the fact that soon there will be no more filmmakers because it won’t be long before film as a medium will be dead and according to some people, you have to actually shoot on film to be a filmmaker.

Do you know what you have to do to be a filmmaker? MAKE FILMS!

If you want to be a photographer…shoot photos.

You want to be a singer/songwriter? Make music.

Wanna be a dancer? Dance.

Wanna be a writer? Write.

Catch my drift?

Below is another Flip Side video I shot while at the Shane Hurlbut/Letus Master Cinema Series premiere event. This episode is with the one and only Ryan Connolly of Revision 3’s “Film Riot“: a┬ápopular DIY Filmmaking YouTube show with over 38 million views. Ryan gives some great advice at being a filmmaker. Be sure to make a note of his lighting suggestion at the end.

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