Geek Talk Between Matt Jeppsen and Tom Guilmette

The following video is real. These are not actors. This was not staged for the camera. These are real filmmakers. Talkin’ real filmmaker talk. This is really how we filmmaking geeks talk when you get us within a few feet of one another for more than 30 seconds. (Filmed in route to Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series Premiere). Starring Matt Jeppsen of FreshDV and Boston-based filmmaker and camera DP Tom Guilmette. They share which acquisition formats they like to use and why, and Matt shares what format he likes to edit in. At one point Tom talks about using Zeiss CP.2 lenses at T2.9 or 2.1. If you need a refresher course on what the heck-fire he’s talking about, read my blog post primer on using the Zeiss CP.2.

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9 thoughts on “Geek Talk Between Matt Jeppsen and Tom Guilmette

    1. Glad you like it Steve. That was only one small part of the conversation. They were going on like that for at least 5-10 before I was smart enough to pull out my Flip. I’m afraid my readers’ heads would explode if they got the whole nine yards. 🙂

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