November 3 Will Not Affect Me In the Least

Today is a big day. Why? Because Canon is making a huge announcement in Hollywood, and everyone is pretty darn certain it’s going to be some kind of new camera. The digital filmmaking geek talk is in full gear (no pun intended). All across the world today, as news spreads about whatever Canon is announcing, thousands of filmmakers will be jumping up and down like it’s the second coming. Others will be scratching their heads going, “eh.”  I bet you a million dollars every major filmmaking forum will have 10+ page long posts with debates about what Canon should’ve done, did do, couldn’t do, and why the RED announcement paled in comparison.

Now, while I’m sure every other filmmaking blog out there today will be re-hashing whatever Canon announces, or trying to predict what the announcement will be, allow me to offer a fresh perspective on all this craziness.


I don’t care what the heck-fire Canon releases today. I guarantee you it will not change the world. And it will not make you a better filmmaker (or photographer assuming it’s some kind of combo). And I bet you TWO million dollars that in six months, some other camera manufacturer will announce a camera that will make this announcement look hum drum.

But regardless of what I say (or write) I know that you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for what Canon has to say. So I’ll keep this post short and just leave you with this:

“Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias.”

I’m sure you have absolutely no idea what this quote has to do with today’s announcement. I challenge you to make the connection.

9 thoughts on “November 3 Will Not Affect Me In the Least

  1. I’ll see your million and raise you another million. Let’s stop chasing after the next new thing and maximize the ones we have. We will never be able to keep up anyway. My FCP7 works just fine, why would I need FCPX?
    You’re right Ron. Living in fear is really not living fully.

    1. “Let’s stop chasing after the next new thing and maximize the ones we have.” ~ That is a beautiful comment Andrew. I just tweeted that. 🙂

  2. Yes when i was in Film School i would have killed to have a 5d MKII that’s what i’ve got now so it’s only in my hand !!!

  3. OK, I will admit that I am a bit excited. I am sure I won’t be able to afford whatever it is, so I don’t have to worry about buying something new.

  4. Great perspective Ron. I just peeked at the Engadget article about it, looks cool, but I am happy with my T2i & 7D. In fact I am soon going to sell my 7D and get a T3i! BUT WAIT… That is a downgrade?? Some might say that. But I am very happy with what I got.. and so is my budget 🙂

  5. Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for writing this. This is EXACTLY how I felt when Canon announced the 1D X!!!!! To be honest, I didn’t really care much for it. and I have not upgraded my photo gear since the original 5d for photography. Actually no, I’m still shooting w/ 6yr+ old cameras (1dmk2!!! OMG, I MUST SUCK!!!). I recently read a tweet from my friend that I believe applies to photography & art & motion:

    “Photography isn’t about the technical side anymore…anyone can do that. Its how you show YOUR viewpoint and pull the most from the subject.”

    In other words, IDEA/CONTENT is always king!!

    I’ve worked w/ photographers before that have the latest and greatest gear from canon. The most expensive Profoto lights. Light meters and the fanciest gadgets. I’m telling you, WELL OVER 20-30K of the BRAND NEW GEAR. But they still manage to suck! and create sub-par images.

    NO matter how good a camera and lights is marketed, it will not make you a better artist/story teller. and IMO if you cannot produce something decent w/ old gear, you will not produce better w/ new gear.

    Don’t fall into the hype.

  6. Ron-this comment isn’t really industry related or anything, but I had to comment on your title because November 3rd affects me quite a bit every year….It’s my triplet’s birthday (they turned 5 yesterday)! 🙂 I just had to smile when I read it.

    BTW-I have no idea what canon announced yesterday as I’ve spent the last 48 hours in a birthday presents and party fog.

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