Kevin Shahinian’s One Piece of Advice

My friend and colleague Kevin Shahinian has made quite a reputation for himself as a filmmaker (who just happens to currently shoot weddings). But his weddings films are more like mini-epics. The concept films he creates are not only amazing looking, but they demonstrate a keen writing skill and direction. While at Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series premier event, I got Kevin to do an episode of The Flip Side where he gives a bit of advice that is arguably one of the important for any artist, not just filmmakers.

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Perhaps the best part of this interview is that fact that I actually got to see Kevin Shahinian, of all people, shooting with a Flip. 😉

3 thoughts on “Kevin Shahinian’s One Piece of Advice

  1. Love this! Also (paradoxically) true is knowing when to add/nurture the better ideas from others into your vision, should they arise – to let your ego get out of the way for the overall good of the vision.

  2. “Don’t be afraid to fight for your vision”. So true. So many times we filmmakers get producers or talent that want to cut corners or want to add something worthless or remove something that is important. Being able to educate the client/talent/producer on what works and what doesn’t work is an art form unto itself. Something I try to master with every project I work on.

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