Featured Filmmaker Friday – Matt Jeppsen of FreshDV.com

Today’s guest is a man who knows his stuff. To sit and listen to him prattle off filmmaking tech jargon is like listening to “klingon.” I’ve poked fun over the past couple weeks at this “geek talk,” most openly in a recent episode of The Flip Side. I’m speaking of none other than Matt Jeppsen of FreshDV.com. We have a great conversation about the terms we filmmakers call ourselves, Matt’s journey from IT to filmmaker, the start of FreshDV.com, the importance of differentiating yourself as a creative, and so much more. (NOTE: at one point in this interview I say Russel Crowe when I meant to say Russell Carpenter. Aggh! Sorry. Total slip!) Matt is such an eloquent guest. You will thoroughly enjoy this one!

Bumper music for this show is “Tater City” by Glenn Shambroom, part of the TRUE ROMANCE collection, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.

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Next week on the show we have the directors and producers of the amazing digital revolution documentary PressPausePlay. If you haven’t already done so, go to their website and download that film NOW and watch it! It’s free.


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One thought on “Featured Filmmaker Friday – Matt Jeppsen of FreshDV.com

  1. Great interview Ron & Matt. Interesting discussions about titles. So you know my perspective, I’ve been in the film industry for over thirty years and mostly refer to myself as a DP or cinematographer – but I’ve also added filmmaker because I now also write, direct & produce as well. I shot film for many years (including features) but the notion of using “film only” as a criteria to call oneself a filmmaker is ludicrous. It is snobbery – but it will eventually end because film will inevitably cease to be a dominant or viable medium. Everyone will have to embrace digital. But that’s another discussion. I don’t take issue with anyone calling themselves a cinematographer. Part of becoming a professional is being ready to “own” your title within yourself. It’s confidence. Heck, we all did it at some point in our careers whether or not we deserved it yet. Those with more experience should cut some slack to those who are more newcomers. Who cares what someone calls themselves? It’s always been about the quality of the work within a given media genre and budget level. Producers or clients hire us because they like our work. Of course, other skills matter as Matt points out. But it takes a reel, a resume, and an interview to access those skills. BTW, back in the 80’s, I spent a brief stint working as a gaffer for Russ Carpenter. He is indeed a gracious gentleman and a talented guy.

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