An Inspirational Video to Inspire Your Creativity

I’m all about being inspired. It’s my heart and passion as a filmmaker to inspire people with my work. I also love to be inspired. So when I saw this video by Holstee (lifestyle goods designed with a conscience) about their manifesto, I knew I would blog about it.

Creative use of a map to illustrate one of the points in the manifesto.

The message in the manifesto is empirically inspirational. The video is likewise. Definitely makes you want to get up and go change the world (or at least go ride a bike and get some exercise). But there’s another aspect of this video I find inspiring. It’s HOW they implemented the words from the manifesto. Most companies would have hired a star After Effects guru to create a very snappy and cutting edge animation. The words would morph, dip, ding, zip and zoom all around the screen in a way that would make you go “How’d they do that?” To be sure, that would be very cool. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. (Heck, I’d do more of those kind of videos if that was my skillset.) These kind of motion graphics are becoming very popular.

And that’s just the problem. They are becoming very popular. You’re seeing them everywhere. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are passe. Not in the least. But, I am seeing more and more of them. In a sea of cool motion graphics vids, how do you make yours stand out?

So, that’s the other thing that makes this manifesto video so cool. They didn’t do that. ¬†For the most part, they use simple text over video for many of the phrases. But for the other phrases, they wrote the words on books, sign posts, bikes and cars. They incoporated those elements into the story creatively, like the image above of the map with the phrase “Getting lost will help you find your way.” It’s very organica.

It inspires me that 1) I don’t need to create an off-the-hook After Effects masterpiece for what essentially is just a video with a string of phrases, just to make it interesting, and 2) if I really push my creativity, I can come up with all sorts of ideas for making my videos more engaging.

So, watch the video and be inspired!

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