My Holiday Blogging Schedule

For those of you that care, I wanted to give you a heads up on my blogging schedule as we enter the holiday season. It will may go down.

That is all.

If you live in the United States, have a great Thanksgiving Day week.

If you don’t live in the U.S., still have a great week.

P.S. Keep in mind you can get your Ron Dawson blogging fix on Planet5D as well where I’m now a regular guest blogger. In order to differentiate what I write about there vs. here, I plan to use Planet5D as place to share information and resources from past seminars I’ve taught or presentations I’ve given. Or, I may do fun stuff like start a post here, then finish the follow up there. Or vice versa. It’s still relatively new, so we’ll see. Who knows, maybe I’ll just write about swing dancing.

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