For All You Married Couples Out There

I created this film especially for all you married couples out there. I know it can be hard some times. To make it work. To continue to love and serve one another sacrificially. Trust me. I’ve been there. I hope this film will be of some comfort for you. That it will give you strength. And although there is a spiritual element to the film, I promise you…whether or not you believe in God, many gods, or no god, TRUST ME, if you’re married, this film will speak to you.

Click here to read my write-up on the making of it.

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16 thoughts on “For All You Married Couples Out There

    1. Ha, ha! Sorry. That’s it Michael. However, it is interesting you make that comment. I did originally conceive this as just the opening of a longer piece. I will have a write-up about the project later to go into more detail. Who knows, perhaps this could be the beginning of a series. šŸ™‚

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