Important News About the Podcast

The service I currently use to host my podcast Crossing the 180,, is changing their set up. They will no longer allow mp3 only uploads. It’s sad, but I can totally understand their decision. They want to focus their time and energy (not to mention bandwidth costs) on their core focus, video podcasts and online shows. That means I need to find a new suitor. I’m looking at a couple of options like Libsyn and Podbean (the latter of which was the service I used for F-Stop Beyond). If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know. In the meantime, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus as I make the transition to a new podcast server. For those of you that subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, has created a tool to make it easy to redirect the RSS feed, so you should not see an interruption in your subscription.

Some Amazing Guests – Now and Coming

Just click on the Podcast link in the menu to see the list of amazing guests we’ve already had. Everyone from Hollywood folk like Book of Eli co-director Albert Hughes and DPs Rodney Charters and Shane Hurlbut; documentary filmmakers like Drea Cooper of California is a Place and Kirby Ferguson of Everything is a Remix; to HD DSLR trail blazers Vincent Loforet and Philip Bloom; to wedding filmmaking superstars like Patrick Moreau, Joe Simon and Kevin Shahinian. And we have some amazing guests coming up. Already recorded interviews include:

  • Mesh Flinders, co-creator of the YouTube sensation LonelyGirl15
  • FilmRiot host, Ryan Connolly
  • Writer/Director of the popular short film series Nooma, Santino Stoner
  • Nathan Corona, music video director for the biggest names in Christian music
  • John Goolsby, the literal Godfather of wedding and event filmmaking
  • Bjon Ahmundson, Motion Graphics guru and filmmaker for one of the largest churches in America, Willow Creek
And we have some scheduled interviews with equally impressive guests. 2012 will be a great year for the podcast.

Get Your Brand in Front of a Targeted Audience

This project is a labor of love and has really grown. was great because it was free. I’m not sure I want to incur a monthly cost for something I essentially do for fun (albeit it offers a great resource for filmmakers). If you’re interested in getting your product or service in front of a very targeted audience of filmmakers, shoot me an email to

Until next year, happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Important News About the Podcast

  1. Ron,

    When you interview Santino Stoner, could you ask about the production of Marcus Buckingham’s Trombone Player Wanted? I am 90% sure that Dot and Cross produced that and I would love to hear details about that. It is one of my favorite short film series of all time.

    Also would love to hear about the orgin of their style. I find the Nooma series and Buckingham’s Trombone Player Wanted to be incredibly innovative and inspiring. I know put a huge focus on “story”, but I am curious if that style has a name. (i.e. a presenter talking to the camera with a message with conceptual B-roll). It is a type of documentary it seems, but also an innovative version of it.


    1. Hey Jerry. Per the blog post, the interview with Santino is already recorded. But in answer to your question, yes, D&C did Trumbone Player. And like you, I love the work of that and the Nooma films. I don’t recall if we talked about Trombone Player, but we do talk about his work. I actually recorded it a while ago (back in Sept). I’ve been saving it. 🙂

      1. Aha! Sneaky. 🙂

        I am really looking forward to that interview. Any idea when you will release it?

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