Another Great Video About Getting Paid

We got a lot of great responses to the Harlan Ellison video I posted yesterday. If you loved that, you’ll have a field day with this one. It’s a Creative Mornings presentation from the San Francisco chapter. In this presentation, Mike Monteiro, the Design Director and co-founder of Mule Design Studio, talks to a room full of professional creatives on getting paid. He covers things like contracts, negotiations, do’s and don’t’s, etc.. His attorney is also there to help answer questions. This is one of the most viewed Creative Mornings videos ever. (Video produced by Whitmore Productions). If you’ve ever had problems collecting money from a client, for any reason, this is the video to watch.

This video also has colorful language. (What is it with creative people and the f-bomb?) So, as yesterday, make sure there are no “little ears” around.

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