LonelyGirl15 Co-Creator Mesh Flinders on Crossing the 180

In June of 2006, a teen-age home-schooled girl took to the YouTube “airwaves” to talk about life, boys, parents, and the trial and tribulations of life online. Millions of viewers tuned in regularly to have a peek into this young lady’s life. The only thing is. This “teen” wasn’t a teen. And her life wasn’t real. This was LonelyGirl15, a scripted show with lights, producer, director and the whole nine yards. Today we have the writer co-creator of the show, Mesh Flinders.

Today Mesh talks about his life growing up on an Ashram and the irony of the fact that despite growing up sheltered from a lot of pop-culture, he ended up co-creating one of the biggest pop-culture sensations of the decade. We also talk about social media and how online distribution has affected movie making today. This is a jam-packed episode that will educate and entertain.

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But Wait, There’s More

We also have on the show three segments which you will find educational and even entertaining.

I start a quest to find the best places to buy Zacuto gear. Let’s just say, my tactics are a little unusual. Don’t miss my journey today. Especially since there is a special offer for podcast listeners.

We also have Mike Duval from LensProToGo, rentals made easy. Each week we’ll have a short segment with Mike giving some great tips on picking lenses for film work. Today he talks about how to pick the right lens for flying shots (e.g. steadicam, Glidecams, etc.)


Third I give some tips on how I use Triple Scoop Music to pick music for my productions. They are a great resource with over 10,000 hand-picked songs.

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