Start Small. Then Grow. Don’t Wait for the Money.

“Starting small puts 100% of your energy on actually solving real problems for real people.” ~ Derek Sivers

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a Derek Sivers kick lately ever since discovering his series of videos promoting his new book “Anything You Want.” The video I’m sharing today is about starting your business idea without waiting for all the funding. It’s an idea that I think is particularly compelling for all you filmmakers out there.

The artistic correlation is this: if you want to be a filmmaker, take what you have and go make films. Don’t wait until you can afford a RED Scarlet or a C300. Feature length films have been shot on smart phones. So you have no excuse. If you want to be a professional videographer (i.e. people pay you to make videos for them) rent the equipment you need if you have to. As your skills and work improves, your fees will get higher and then you’ll be able to buy that fancier equipment.

As CD Baby co-founder Derek says in the video below, he started the company with only $500 and a simple site that had a few CDs with their own “Buy Now” buttons. He made $300 in month one. $700 in month two. It’s been profitable ever since. You also don’t need an MBA, a big client, an endorsement, or any other excuse not to start.

What are you waiting for?

What goes for your business idea, also goes for your films. This FlipSide video I shot with FilmRiot host Ryan Connolly has a very similar sentiment.

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