Crossing the 180 Rerun with Jesse Rosten

Three days ago a video was posted to Vimeo that racked up over 1.5 million views in just TWO DAYS. It was a satire on the beauty industry and it was both hilarious and poignant.

The maker of that video was Jesse Rosten. Jesse has hit viral video gold twice. He was also the guy who made the iPad+Velcro video that Apple added to their website for a period of time. Last year I had the honor to interview Jesse about his career and that iPad video. It is an absolutely fascinating interview. If you want to learn more about the man behind “Fotoshop for Adobé,” then listen to this Crossing the 180 podcast re-run below.

Jesse is Coming Back

I’m excited to announce that Jesse has agreed to come on the show again for a Crossing the 180 special edition. Stay tuned to know when the show posts. I’ll probably post it some time next week. In the meantime, consider this re-run Part 1. 🙂

Here was the original blog post (3/25/11, episode #27):

Have you ever wondered about all the amazing things you could do with your iPad if you just put your mind to it? Well, so did today’s guest, and that wonderment garnered him online video fame, as well as, as far as I know, the only non-commissioned personal video on Apple’s website touting one of their products (since the release of iPad 2, Apple has taken down the video from their website. But it’s still on Vimeo and you can see it below). Today we have Jesse Rosten, creator of the famous iPad+Velcro video.

Jesse is a photographer and filmmaker out of Redding, CA doing the kind of work that just makes your mouth drool. In addition to the iPad+Velcro video, a couple of my favorites of his are “Growing is Forever“—an very meta look at CA redwoods set to a hauntingly beautiful poem—and “Cart“—a touching story about a shopping cart and the boy he’s trying to find. Those three videos alone have over 1.75 million views among them. I have no doubt you’ll be inspired after hearing this riveting interview. Oh, and of course, he share his take on the end of “Inception.”

*Show note: At one point in the episode I say “I had a wife that worked at Apple.” That was a total slip. I meant I have a wife who used to work at Apple. I’ve only been married once and I’m still happily married to her. 🙂

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Fotoshop by Adobé

Jesse Rosten’s iPad+Velcro

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