Ryan Connolly of FilmRiot on Crossing the 180

Today on the show we have a man who probably needs no introduction. Over 23,000 Twitter followers. 122,000+ YouTube subscribers. Over 38 million total YouTube views. Ryan Connolly is the host and creator of FilmRiot, a Revision 3 internet show on DIY Filmmaking. And he is DA BOMB! (Do people still say “da bomb?”)

  1. Because he gives great info about how to be a filmmaker.
  2. He’s an extremely talented filmmaker in his own right.
  3. He’s very funny, and
  4. He’s a really nice and down to earth guy to boot.

In this episode we cover:

  • How he got into filmmaking
  • The job he had before starting FilmRiot
  • Whether or not it’s important to attend film school
  • His experience at Full Sail
  • His future
  • And much, much, more!

Lastly, you want to make sure you listen past the end credits. It’s a riot!

Lens Tips, Scorpions & Music…Oh my!

Today we have Rachel Kenton from Zacuto talking about their cool new DSLR rig “The Scorpion.” There’s also some cool savings on Zacuto gear. Gotta listen to get the code.

We also have Mike Duval back from LensProToGo. Today Mike talks about the benefits of using a Zeiss CP.2 prime lens. There’s also a special discount code for podcast listeners.

Third I give some tips on how I use Triple Scoop Music to pick music for my productions. They are a great resource with over 10,000 hand-picked songs.

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