Listen to Crossing the 180 for Savings and Chance to Win

I have been so excited about how the Crossing the 180 podcast has progressed this season. If you haven’t been listening, you’re missing out. So far this year we’ve had Mesh Flinders (co-creator of YouTube sensation LonelyGirl15), FilmRiot host Ryan Connolly and just last week we had Jesse Rosten on again talking about the making of his Fotoshop by Adobé viral video. This week we have maker of the best camera review video ever, Jon Yi and next week we have director of “The Underwater Realm“, David Reynolds.

Also, if you’ve been listening but skipping out on the end-credits, you’re missing some hilarious treats. Last week’s show was a doozy! You gotta stay past the “until next week” part.

In addition to the great education and inspiration you’ll glean from our guests, there’s another great reason to listen: saving money and winning prizes! We have three great sponsors: Zacuto, LensProToGo and Triple Scoop Music. All of our sponsors are now offering 10 to 19% off gear and services. But, you have to listen to the show to get the codes to get the savings.

Enter Drawing for Free Music

Each week we will also give away a free song from Triple Scoop Music (a $60 value). All you have to do is tweet one of these two lines…

Hey @rondawson, the featured @triplscoopmusic artist this week on @crossingthe180 is NAME


Hey @rondawson, the featured @triplscoopmusic song this week on @crossingthe180 is NAME

Replace NAME with the name of the artist or the song. )It doesn’t have to be the artist’s Twitter name, but if you DO find and include their Twitter handle, I’ll enter you twice!) You have to enter the tweet exactly like this so that I know you’ve done it and because there’s no “e” in Triple Scoop Music’s twitter handle. Your best bet is to copy and paste. Do this throughout the week and on Friday’s show, I’ll announce the winner. You can do this every week until further notice. If you forget what the tweet is, just remember this URL to come back here and get the info. The drawing contest starts TODAY. Last week’s episode with Jesse Rosten had our first featured artist.

Start Saving Now

You can start saving on Zacuto and LensProToGo now. This Friday’s episode we’ll have the code you can use to save on your next Triple Scoop Music license.

Happy listening. And be sure to leave a comment in iTunes if you like the show.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Crossing the 180 for Savings and Chance to Win

  1. Embarrassing. Serious embarrassing.

    Your recent Podcast (#56 – Jonathan Yi and Making His Canon C300 Review) closed out with an “advert” for the C300 where you called a shop to ask questions about the camera. That was probably the most embarrassing moment of all the podcasts I have heard.

    You played along with the salesman, acting as if you knew very little or nothing. The salesman also had a lack of specific knowledge which isn’t great but very understandable.

    Your terrible and pointless questions were something I would not expect to head from a
    professional such as yourself. I would not be surprised if Canon contact you ask ask you to stop being such an idiot. I know for certain that I would be having words if I was any sponsor or promoter for the site. As a listener, I can barely listen to these commercials you have run over the last few weeks.

    1. Hi Robert,

      As always, I appreciate all feedback listeners provide. I apologize you were not amused by the call. To be clear, it was not an advert for anyone. Those are just in fun. I think most listeners know they are not commercials.

      The real commercials are for Triple Scoop Music, Zacuto and Lens Pro to Go. They play DURING the main episode, and IMHO I think they provide a lot of value for our listeners. They’re not just promoting their products/servicex, they also provide valuable advice for our listeners, many of whom are just starting out. So each week listeners get three segments that 1) can help them in their craft and 2) lets them know about really terrific products and services (e.g. tips on which lenses to use, how to pick songs for a project, etc.). If the post credit calls are bothersome to you, just turn the podcast off when you hear the end credits. That is one reason I put them at the end. Knowing that they are not everyone’s cup of tea. I honestly don’t think 90 min of valuable insight from a professional like Jon and segments like the ones we produce for our sponsors is undermined by a 4-10 minute call made in fun.

      I hope you’ll continue to listen as we have some amazing guests lined up. But, if you choose not to, I do wish you all the best.

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