Jonathan Yi and the Making of His Canon C300 Review on Crossing the 180

A couple of months ago commercial director Jonathan Yi posted his review of the Canon C300. It was the most entertaining and informative review I’ve ever seen. Apparently others felt that same because it racked up 250,000 views in just a week. But despite how terrific the video was, and considering that many people in the industry believe that this video single-handedly turned around the growing negative word of mouth regarding the camera (specifically related to it being 8bit yet will probably cost $15-$20,000), Canon USA was not too crazy about the video and disavowed it.

In today’s episode you’ll find out how that all went down, why Jonathan was still able to post it online even though Canon USA didn’t like it, and why the sales division of Canon LOVES him. You’ll also learn…

  • How he got into commercial directing
  • What it’s like having an agent
  • Tips on how to make a demo reel that will get noticed by agencies
  • What kind of videos you should post online
  • The benefit of selling yourself as a director vs. DP
  • Whether it’s worth going to film school
  • Insight into his half Japanese and half Korean background and its impact on his life and work
  • And much, much more.

I don’t care how many other interviews of Jonathan you might have seen, read or heard, this one will take you to places you’ve never been before. This is one of the longest single episodes ever. I considered splitting it in two, but I think you’ll find everything he’s saying so fascinating, the time will fly by.

Post Credits Fun

As usual, you want to stay past the end credits. Today we have a treat as I call a local camera store to find out the difference between 8bit and 10bit. The ensuing conversation is high-larious.

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Prime Lenses vs. Zoom Lenses and Camera Gear for Your iPhone

Today we have Rachel Kenton from Zacuto talking about the Z-Grip Jr. for steady iPhone camera work.

We also have Mike Duval back from LensProToGo. Today Mike talks about the pluses and the minuses zoom lenses . And be sure to make a note on how you can save on your camera gear rentals.

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And just in case you haven’t taken the time to see it, here’s his short film “Shift”

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  1. Very useful info Ron. I’m looking into investing in some new cams and was a tad in the dark about a few things until now.

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