Poll: How Did My “Top 5 Tips to be a Black Filmmaker” Make You Feel?

Yesterday I wrote a somewhat controversial blog post. No, not the post about FCPX. The other one. My “Top 5 Tips to be a Black Filmmaker.” I understand the topic of race relations can be a touchy subject. I also know that creatives (especially filmmakers) can be very sensitive. I want to get a better understanding of how my post yesterday affected you. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take one of the two following polls. I think it could go a long way towards helping us all get along.

Note: whatever you do, do NOT take both polls. That would be the equivalent of crossing the streams. Thank you.

Just in case the answers above do not apply to you, consider this poll:

3 thoughts on “Poll: How Did My “Top 5 Tips to be a Black Filmmaker” Make You Feel?

  1. Ron,

    I love your sense of satire. Race relations as a whole, and in relation to interpretations within media aren’t seen by everyone. I believe satire is a tool that can pull people out of the cocoon that media can provide and begin a viewer/reader/consumer on the road to questioning what they are consuming.

    The polls you offer fit well into the sense of satire. They are concrete answers that we, the poll-takers, cannont change according to our individual subjectivities. Even though the ubiquitous “Other” option was offered in both polls the “I am red and was somewhat offended” was a constant in across the two as well.

    Concrete molds are what media attempts to portray for stereotypes, this poll feels like a jab at that idea. “Oh you dont fit into the original mold- here, here is just as concrete of a mold, just slightly different. Somethings are changed, some aren’t”

    1. Thanks for the comment David. Much appreciated. There was a simple reason the “Red” answer didn’t change. I’m sure you can figure it out. 😉

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