Knowing WHY You Do Your Business is Essential

Why is it that year after year, Apple out-innovates all of its competition? Their competitors have some of the same consultants, equally talented employees, and access to the same media. But what is it about Apple?

Why is it that Martin Luther King was the chief leader of the civil rights movement when there were other equally talented orators of the day?

And why is it that the Wright Brothers were the ones to come up with the first manned air craft when there were other teams working on the same project at the same time who were better qualified and better funded?

Best-selling author Simon Sinek has an answer, and ironically it is the same word at the beginning of each question. Why.

In the TEDx video below, Simon talks about how great leaders inspire action. He refers to it as “The Golden Circle.” It’s three concentric circles. The outer representing what you do, the second representing how you do it, and the inner circle representing why you do what you do. Every company knows what they do. Most know how they do it. But very few know why. What is their purpose? And why should people care. If you can answer that question for your business, you will inspire others and have the kind of success that truly matters.

When I think about this question as it relates to me and my business, I had to think about it for a while. I know my what and how pretty well. I thought I had a good idea of my why, but Tasra (who’s been doing a lot of this kind of deep, introspective work lately) helped me really get to the meat of my “why.” This is what I came up with.

I believe everyone has a purpose. I am passionate about helping people and organizations find, pursue and communicate that purpose to the world.

See how much more powerful that is than: I make commercial videos. It’s even more powerful than saying my niche, “I make inspirational and cause-driven films.” Even though my “what” is primarily short films and videos for organizations and creative individuals, this “why” statement is where it all stems from.

What is YOUR “why”?

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  1. I really liked how Simon showed the difference that happens when we start with the “why” instead of the “what”. It was good to see the examples of both Apple and Tivo and how the principle applies.

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