A Top-Notch About Page by Studio Z Films

I have a thing for about pages. This is the bio section of your website where it’s your job to connect with your potential client and give them some idea of what it would be like to work with you. Every now and then I come across an about page that I just have to rave about. Today I want to highlight Steve Zugelter and Studio Z Films.

This about page is simply a work of art in both its execution and simplicity. Let’s break it down.

  • Professional photo. I can’t tell you how many about pages I’ve seen that look like they were taken with a point and shoot while on a gig. Blech! This is your brand! The first thing a potential client will see is that photo of you (or whatever photo you have up there). Many of you reading this are either professional photographers yourself, or work with professional photographers. In any case, there’s no excuse for you not to have a professional looking photo of yourself (or your team) on your about page.
  • Establishes Credibility. The first paragraph takes up about 1/3 of the bio and in the second sentence he establishes his credibility as a filmmaker: he wrote and directed commercials. That’s all he needs to say. He doesn’t talk about his Steadicam flyer, his 1D Mark IV or his Zacuto Scorpion or anything like that. In one sentence we know he knows his stuff. (And luckily his work clearly backs it up.)
  • Connects with his audience. The rest of the bio, 2/3 of the piece, is about how much he loves his wife and kids. Why is that important? Because he’s selling to brides. Any bride will connect instantly with a man who praises his wife and adores his children. Add to that the GQ photo and he’s more than half-way there to selling his studio.
  • Ends with a hook. Lastly, I love the hook at the end. After sharing his background and admiration for his family he writes, “That’s my story. What’s yours?” Obviously there’s a double meaning. First, inviting people to contact Studio Z and share their story; but it’s also a subliminal hint for Studio Z to film their wedding story. (I don’t know for sure if that is what they were thinking when they wrote it, but it’s a great touch).

I have invited Steve and his wife Reagan to do a guest blog post about their business. Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss it.

What is your about page like?

6 thoughts on “A Top-Notch About Page by Studio Z Films

  1. StevieZ & Reagan are movers & shakers the last couple of years. His seminar with John Moon at InFocus 2011 was wonderful & what Reagan & Jen Moon have done with POSH is highly admirable. Something I’ve always told people is to study what the successful companies do & don’t actually emulate them, but simply figure out what they are doing right to make their business pop & put your spin on a great idea.

    1. That’s great advice Steve. A lot of people like to straight out copy. It’s one thing to be inspired by someone and quite another to copy them completely.

  2. The second point is all great for those who have been in the industry in one form or another for years, but what about the young, talented, new crop of shooters who are trying to establish themselves? I’m with you Ron, I ALWAYS read every business “About” page I plan to do biz with. The better ones I bookmark on Delicious with the tag, wordsmith.

    1. That’s a great question Tony. These four points are just what makes THIS about page great. Your about page my be great for different reasons. A couple of years ago I blogged about Eugene and Heather Brown’s about page. Nothing in their about page “establishes” their credibility as filmmakers. The page was just very memorable and really expressed their brand. If you’re new to the biz, do great work and THAT will be your credibility. 🙂

  3. I agree, Ron. That’s a great about page. I love that he actually shares who he is. It drives me crazy when an about page is about what the company provides. That doesn’t tell me a thing about who they are. There’s no personal connection, whatsoever. I also love Steve’s hook at the end. Nice touch.

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