Nooma Director Santino Stoner on Crossing the 180

A few times a year I have themed series on the podcast. Past series have included The Business of Hollywood, Foreign Filmmakers and YouTubers. The latest series I’ve recored, but I’ve been sitting on for months now, is Faith in Filmmaking. I wanted to explore how a person’s personal convictions affect their creativity. Although most of the filmmakers in the series would classify themselves as Christian, I think regardless of your personal convictions, you will find these interviews compelling and informative. We don’t “talk religion”. We talk about their experiences as filmmakers and how and why they do what they do. And given the level of talent these guys have, trust me, you’ll want to tune in. Over the next four weeks we’ll have:

  • Santino Stoner, writer/director of the world-famous Nooma films series starring controversial pastor, speaker and best-selling author Rob Bell.
  • Khen Shalem, a Jewish filmmaker who made a powerful, award-winning short film that looks at prejudice towards Muslims.
  • Bjorn Ahmudson, the first motion graphics filmmaker I’ve had on the show. He works for Willow Creek, one of the largest churches in the country.
  • Nathan Corrona, the Atlanta-based filmmaker behind music videos for some of the biggest names in Christian rock and R&B, including Chris Tomlin, Sanctus Real, Jeremy Camp, Kutless and TobyMac.

Today we have Santino Stoner talking about among many other things, how Nooma got started and eventually reached over 50 million people worldwide in the past ten years. I particularly like his take on how stories and films break down when the format is used as a soap box.


Santino Stoner brings over a decade of experience in media development to Dot&Cross, a company that creates and produces creative story experiences that impact audiences across film, broadcast, print and interactive platforms. As Principal and Co-Founder, Santino oversees the creative vision and strategy for the company, as well as all project development. Previously, Santino Stoner was the head of production and development at Flannel, a content development and distribution firm. At Flannel, Santino co-created and developed Nooma, a short-film series that has sold several million copies worldwide. Santino is also credited as the writer/director for the 24 films of the series.

Many thanks to my podcast co-producer, Dan Rollins. Dan is a terrific filmmaker in his own right, an audio guru, and even a voiceover talent. Check him out at

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This week Mike Duval is back from LensProToGo. Today Mike talks about choosing the right card media for DSLR filmmaking.

And from Zacuto co-founder Steve Weiss is back talking about the recoil method.

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