What Makes You So Different?

Yesterday I wrote about SPANX founder Sara Blakely. She was recently featured in Forbes as the youngest self-made female billionaire. In one of her video interviews (see below) she gives her biggest tips for entrepreneurs. One of the top is knowing “Why are you different? Why does the customer need you?”

Can you answer that question for you or your business? In everything I do, I ask “What can I do different from what’s already been done?” Here’s how I answer it as it applies to aspects of my professional career:

  • As a commercial video producer. I don’t just make a nice looking video, but I take my 20+ years of business and marketing experience to make a targeted and effective message.
  • As a blogger. Many filmmaking and photography blogs are about reviews, gears, and how-to. I focus on talking to the soul of the artist rather than the technician. I have a penchant for inspirational and satirical blog posts. And I pepper it all with a heavy dose of business education.
  • As a podcaster. I have longer episodes (70+ minutes) where I strive to get to know the filmmaker as a person, as opposed to tech-talk. I’m not afraid to ask hard questions or delve into provocative topics.

Sara also talks about trusting your gut, visualizing where you want to go, embracing what you don’t understand, and being authentic. It’s worth the 90 seconds to watch the full video. Be sure to listen to her last tip about being careful where you solicit feedback. (Very apropos for all you photogs and filmmakers out there.)

What makes you so different? Please share.