7 Reasons Guy Kawasaki Would Love This Blog

Yesterday I was watching part of Chase Jarvis Live with best-selling author, marketing guru and ex-Apple Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. Throughout the interview Guy would talk about things he likes or ways in which he uses digital technology and I kept finding myself saying, “Hey, I do that.” or “Cool, I do that too.” I MUST be doing something right.

The look I imagine on Guy's face when he reads my blog.

So in a very fun (not to be taken too seriously) way, I’d like to present the seven reasons why I know Guy Kawasaki would love this blog.

#7 – I love NPR

Guy talked about loving NPR. I love NPR too. So much so I blogged about an Ira Glass video and even make key references to NPR in my video about secrets to success. I firmly believe than all documentary filmmakers should be listening to “This American Life.”

#6 – I believe in the potential of Google+

Guy wrote a whole book about Google+. I didn’t write a book, but I did write a long EventDV article about it.

#5 – I’m a big fan of Buffer

Guy loves Buffer. So do I. It’s part of my top 7 Twitter tips. Great for quickly and easily scheduling tweets of web pages.

#4 – Evernote is a key part of my business

Guy is an advisor to Evernote. He uses it a lot. (So does Chase by the way. Maybe Chase would love this blog too.)  Evernote is part of my “poor man’s CRM system” and I wrote about the 7 ways in which creatives should use it. (Can you tell I like the number 7?) I also wrote about tips on when to use Evernote vs. Bookmarking.

#3 – I love bulleted lists

Guy said that he can tell in a few seconds if a blog post is worth reading or has any value: if there’s a numbered or bulleted list. Today’s blog post is only just one in a plethora of blog posts wherein I use numbered or bulleted lists. Copyblogger affirms this use.

#2 – I provide valuable content

Guy loves sites the provide valuable content. I think I do that. Some days are better than others. 😉

And the #1 reason I think Guy Kawasaki would love this blog…

I don’t have telethons. 🙂

How About You?

I loved to know what you like best on this blog.