Khen Shalem on Crossing the 180

I had the pleasure to meet this week’s guest last year around this time when I was filming the promo video for the Windrider Forum. His award-winning film “On the Road to Tel Aviv” was playing there and he was one of the filmmakers we interviewed for that video. I knew at that point I’d want to have him on the show.

Khen talks about the making of his film which explores what happens on a bus ride to Tel Aviv when a Muslim woman, suspected of being a suicide bomber, gets on the bus. A very powerful film and an intriguing look at prejudice and grace.


Khen Shalem grew up in Kibbutz Nir-David in the Beit-Shean Valley. Like all young Israelis he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served as a lieutenant in a bomb squad patrol unit. His army career was ended when he was badly wounded in a battle in Southern Lebanon. He then turned to science and completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics at Bar-Ilan University and a Master of Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. During his scientific research he gradually became aware of his wish to further develop his interest in human feelings and artistic creation. He completed a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production at Florida State University and completed “Road to Tel-Aviv” film just before graduating.

Many thanks to my podcast co-producer, Dan Rollins. Dan is a terrific filmmaker in his own right, an audio guru, and even a voiceover talent. Check him out at

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And from Zacuto co-founder Jens is back talking about going hand-held.

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