Motion Graphics Guru Bjorn Amundsen on Crossing the 180

Today we continue our “Faith in Filmmaking” series with Bjorn Amundsen, a director, photographer and motion designer who works for Willow Creek Community Church, one of the largest churches in America. Bjorn is a man of many talents and although I peg him as a motion designer here, he’s making a transition to be more of a traditional filmmaker and photographer. But, if you have ever wondered about what it’s like to be a motion graphics designer, this is the interview for you!  Also Bjorn shares his feelings about today’s “Christian” movies and why he dislikes them.

Many thanks to my podcast co-producer, Dan Rollins. Dan is a terrific filmmaker in his own right, an audio guru, and even a voiceover talent. Check him out at

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This week Mike Duval is back from LensProToGo. Today Mike gives you some tips on cleaning your camera sensor.

And from Zacuto we have Joey and Leo who will give you some tips on which Zacuto tools are essential. You may be surprised at their answer.

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