Nathan Corrona on Crossing the 180

As today is both Good Friday and the first day of Passover, I thought it a perfect day to end our “Faith in Filmmaking” series. And boy, do we have a winner! Perhaps our longest episode to date…and worth EVERY SECOND! For today we have on the show fellow Atlanta filmmaker Nathan Corrona. He has directed and edited the music videos for the top Christian rock and R&B bands in the world, including Chris Tomlin, Sanctus Real, Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, KJ52 and Josh Wilson. From his distinctive, retro style, to how he prices music video production, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.


Based in Atlanta GA, Nathan Corrona is a director, cinematographer, producer and editor rolled into one efficient package. Working in the music industry as a musician and filmaker since 1999, Nathan has worked with a diverse array of artists and labels across the US. Blessed with a distinct vision for filmaking Nathan has directed and produced over 30 music videos for Dustbrand Films. With a background in Super 8 film cameras, he first got his start shooting 200ft cartons of film. It was this love and dedication to shoot film that pushed him to develop his distinct and natural look in the digital HD world.

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  1. Nathan is awesome. We used to go to church with him and is amazing wife Kendra. His talent is beyond his years and his message to the artist community is powerful.

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